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2024 is in full swing, January lasted forever and February has flown by bringing with it enough rain to make us feel like it’s April! 

Last Month’s TON

We had a great time at TON last month, with speaker Wynford Dore sharing a really moving story into how issues with his daughter’s health shaped his entire life. With new and old faces having a great time (and a great breakfast), February might just be one of the best yet. 

If you’re curious to take part in our next TON, the deadline for signups is Wednesday 6th  March – so click here to secure your place or get in touch with us here. 

A familiar face, in a new place

We’ve got some big news here at The Owners’ Network – so big you’ve probably already seen the email announcing it – but TON sessions will now be run by our amazing Lynsey Le Keux. She’s a familiar face to TON regulars, but as a business owner herself she’s perfectly suited to making The Owners’ Network the best it’s ever been. 

TON Top Tips

Being part of Coaching360 means we’re dedicated to helping you with your business. That’s why we’re giving out two TON Top Tips each month – the best advice we have for business owners and managers. 

TON Top Tip #1: Network! 

Of course it was going to be this! We’re kicking off our Top Tips with the best bit of advice we can offer! Running a business, even with partners, can come with a stream of challenges that when faced alone can feel like you’re swimming in the ocean. 

Networking isn’t just an opportunity to be part of a community. It’s a chance to find people facing the same issues you face on a daily basis. We highly recommend coming along to The Owners’ Network (because it’s amazing and free for your first time!), but there are hundreds of opportunities to find networking communities, each filled with a wide range of people that could become lifelong clients, allies, or friends. 

TON Top Tip #2: Get on LinkedIn 

Now we’re really starting from the basics here, but if you’re not on LinkedIn… what are you doing? Of course, it’s the perfect place to follow us – but it’s basically a gigantic online networking opportunity! It’s the best place to get your face, your business, and your thoughts out to prospects, customers, or clients! 

LinkedIn is especially useful if you’re looking to grow your business, from reaching out to prospects, to building a company page and getting your connections to follow it. We can’t recommend enough how important LinkedIn is, and in 2024, you need to be on it. 

TON Updates

Hey TONers, we want to hear from YOU! From little wins to big changes, we want to give you the opportunity to share your success with our entire community so let us know what the last month has had in store for you (and send us pictures too!) and you might see yourself on next month’s TON Newsletter. 

That’s it for February! We can’t wait to see just what March has in store for us – hopefully not as much snow as last year 🤞 And make sure you’re signed up for this month’s TONthe deadline is today.

We can’t wait to see you there.