The Owner’s Network (TON) launched in 2021 with the goal of creating a space for entrepreneurs and business owners to network and connect in Coventry and Warwickshire. The platform provides business owners with the opportunities to engage with peers and drive positive change in their businesses and local communities.

Meeting monthly, each session offers the very best in motivational and inspirational keynote speakers, who share their stories to equip entrepreneurs with the tools needed for both personal and business growth.

It was the quality of those speakers that kept Tom Warrender, a partner of soliciting firm Wilson Browne Solicitors, coming back to TON after attending the first session in 2021.

“I’m a proud member of TON. There’s a great welcoming atmosphere which does really help when making genuine connections with other members. What sets the networking group apart is the quality of keynote speakers on offer. The team really puts the time and effort into thinking about who they get to speak and each month you leave with fresh insights, tools and techniques that can actually be applied in the daily operations of a business.”

Joining Wilson Browne Solicitors in 2005, Tom progressed through the company and is now a senior partner and commercial property solicitor. “I’m based in Northamptonshire, so it’s a little bit outside of our area, but I was introduced to event when I met their Head of Schmoozing, and I saw it as a good networking opportunity,” explains Tom. “I went along to the launch – and have rarely missed a session since!

“I remember at the first session how I was blown away by the quality of the speaker. It is definitely one of the main reasons I kept coming back.” That speaker, Linda Moir, was the former Director of Services at Virgin Atlantic and then Head of Customer Experience at the 2012 London Olympics.

“The quality of the speakers continued to draw me back, month after month. I was raving to my partners about the quality of the speakers and the general feeling of positivity I came away with, it was clear that I was already looking forward to the next meeting. It quickly became a highlight in my work calendar.”

The Owner’s Network allows members to forge valuable relationships that become mutually beneficial to their businesses. And, in a post-COVID climate, studies show that 75.9% of business owners believe in-person events will become increasingly crucial to their organisation’s long-term success in the coming years1.  For Tom, it wasn’t just the top-quality speakers that brought him back. Every event proved to be beneficial, as it provided him with the opportunity to collaborate with other business owners and entrepreneurs, considering if he could better his own operations and processes back at the office.

Since launching, TON has partnered with a host of incredible speakers. These include Claire Lomas MBE, adventurer James Ketchell and body language expert, Adrianne Carter – to name but a few. Sessions have covered all manner of valuable topics, including the positive impact of a growth mindset, how to reach your full potential – and even how rowing oceans, climbing mountains and setting aviation records have far more in common with high-performing companies than you might expect.

“I’ve attended other events in the past who bring out the same speakers doing the rounds, delivering similar talks that have little bearing on what you or your business is doing. So, it was really refreshing to see a networking event that really thought about who they were getting in front of their audience.”

Another key standout from TON for Tom is the honest and open nature of the sessions. “Usually, networking events can evolve into a bit of a show-and-tell exercise. A place where business owners or entrepreneurs talk about what they’re doing well and gloss over the challenges they’ve faced in getting to that position.

“TON members are more open when it comes to discussing their businesses – it’s less about inflated egos and more about sharing experiences and best practice. With people being more willing to share the issues they’ve faced; it creates a much more cooperative platform. You feel comfortable in bouncing ideas off each other and working together to move towards solutions for your business. The atmosphere that TON has created has allowed me to make some great connections, both professionally and personally.”

Tom has found TON to be an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only did he gain valuable information for his personal development, but he also found that it reaffirmed many of the things he implemented into his day-to-day activities.

“Seeing other business owners succeed by employing similar strategies is both motivating and reassuring. I really believe that TON is a great tool for building connections and improving your working practices.”

“Tom is an integral part of The Owner’s Network,” explains Head Honcho, Lynsey Le Keux. “We want to be more than just a business networking group; it’s a vibrant community where entrepreneurs can connect, learn and grow together. Tom has played a fundamental role in helping us establish such a warm and welcoming environment. We currently have over 30 business owners who attend our sessions. The success stories we have heard as a result of the network we’ve built drive us to continue in our endeavours as a community.”

If you’re interested in the opportunity The Owner’s Network can provide for you or your business, do not hesitate to get in touch by visiting

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